Our social impact revolves around empowering at-risk youth and the environmental impact sustained from our bottle collection.

Our Operation Model

We offer various rotations for pickup services for our partnering businesses. This includes local businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, bar, private residences, condominiums and conference centres. Our clients have the option to schedule free weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pickups. Generally, this depends on the storage and space available to house empties until pickup.

Running time

Pick-up is Monday to Friday between 8:30-4 pm. Each client who uses BottleWorks services enters into a contract that details pick-up arrangements. At return, each bottle is valued at 10 or 20 cents. As each bottle is a donation to the operation, companies are still provided a charitable tax receipt. Less empties? No problem! If a weekly pickup is not needed, our flexible pickup service offer an on-call pickup for when it is best for your business.

Returning bottles

All refundable bottles, including alcohol containers over 100 mL, consisting of glass, plastic, aluminum, etc, are returned to the Ottawa Distribution Centre for Beer Store Depot located at 2750 Swansea Crescent Ottawa.

The revenue from bottle return goes directly back into the social enterprise, to cover employee wages and project expenses. We recommend bottles generally be stored in a secured pick-up location, usually residential basements or garages. From there, the BottleWorks team can transfer the bottles from bin and storage resources, to be separated and organized by bottle type.

Illustration of the Growler vehicle


Each year BottleWorks collects and then returns over 1,000,000 recyclable bottles to the Beer Store Depot. Instead of being sent to the landfill, the glass bottles are cleaned and reused at either a bottle plant or reused by a third party to create new bottles. Aluminum products are recycled and recreated into new cans or metal sheets.

How you can become a client

Whether you are a restaurant, a commercial business or an individual, instead of throwing your bottles away, contact us and we will collect them for you.